French Basket with Clasp

Can be carried in the hand or worn on the shoulder

Our Baskets are classic French Market Basket. The perfect choice for shopping trips, picnics, days at the beach. Not only, they're eco-friendly, they look great in the home for storing toys or magazines. Handwoven by women in Morocco using palm leaf, and crafted in our workshop, they are both sturdy and flexible. With long leather handles for comfortable carrying.

Height 35 cm / 13 in
Width 33 cm / 12 In
Length 55 cm / 21 in
handles 70 cm / 27 in Handle leather
Weight 500-600g

Dimensions of this basket are just an approximation, as all baskets
are Handmade and so are completely unique and very slightly different in size.

French Baskets Creation ©
Ethical and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags
Handwoven in Morocco
wild palm "doumdoum"
Leather natural tanning

  • Please note: Due to the high cost of shipping oversized items, our French baskets incur an additional shipping fee of $15.  If you wish to have this basket shipped, please choose the higher priced option that includes this extra fee.