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Custom Slipcovers - the fine print

Madison & Muse Custom Slipcovers

How to begin the process of obtaining a slipcover quote for your furniture. 

Please email front, back and side photos of your furniture to

and include answers to the following questions:

  1. Are the seat and back cushions detached from the chair/sofa?
  2. Would you like piping along the edges?
  3. Would you like a skirt on your furniture?
  4. Do you have a specific fabric in mind?

We will confirm receipt of your email within 24 hours. If you do not receive confirmation, please phone our shop at 778-265-5057.

Our seamstress will provide you with a quote for the required yardage and the labor charge for each piece of furniture.  If you are happy with the quote and decide to proceed, please visit our shop to choose your fabric.  We can show you photos of past projects to help you visualize what your furniture will look like slipcovered.  We also have slipcovered furniture in-store to illustrate the workmanship.  Swatches are available for loan.   Please ensure you have taken enough time to choose your fabric carefully as this payment is non-refundable and fabric orders may not be cancelled.

After payment for the project, we schedule a date/time for your project that works for both the seamstress and for you.


 Choosing your Slipcover Fabric

As long as the fabric is the right weight and durability, slipcover fabric can be any color or pattern that you like.  You can also mix fabrics and colors.

While we have a beautiful selection of colors in pure linen as well as fabric books of patterns and blends, most people choose upholstery weight denim in an off-white or natural color.  White slipcovers look relaxed and comfortable while still being crisp and clean.

If you are still making your decision on fabric, here are a few pointers.

Projects with solid color fabrics require less yardage than patterns. Piping and skirts also use more fabric that a plain stitch and/or non-skirted styles. Many fabrics list their durability in a measure called double rubs to help you determine whether the fabric will suit your purpose.

2021 Pricing:

For that quintessential slipcover look, our most popular pre-washed, upholstery weight cotton is $40/yard.

Our pure linen fabric is elegant and durable.  With a stunning selection of colors, our linen collection is approximately $ 80/yard.

Outdoor Fabric

If you are refreshing your outdoor furniture, we have a stunning collection of Sunbrella fabrics on offer which tend to range between $40 - $90/yard.


The cotton and linen prices include pre-washing to shrink the fabric as much as possible before sewing, to eliminate the chance of shrinkage later. Sunbrella does not require pre-washing.

You are welcome to visit the shop to view our fabric selection and borrow our samples.


Moving Fees:

Custom slipcovers fit beautifully because the original chair or sofa is present for precise measurements and fittings while the slipcovers are being made.   This requires movers to collect your furniture from your home and return it to you afterwards.  Moving fees vary, depending on whether we are slipcovering a single toss pillow or a full set of furniture.

Our moving fees :

 $75 per trip.  A round trip which includes the collection of furniture from, and return to, your home is $150.  All additional trips are calculated this way as well.   You may use your own movers if you wish.

Please note:

Movers may refuse collection/delivery if access is unsafe or likely to incur damage to people or property.  Extra charges may apply if furniture is not located on the main floor of the home or if other furniture must be moved to clear access. Rescheduling a delivery will incur additional fees.

 Please advise us, in advance, of any special circumstances that may interfere with the straightforward carriage of your furniture. Occasionally, furniture placement or home renovations alter interior spaces so that proper angles no longer accommodate the movement of existing furniture.  Please measure your doors and hallways to ensure movers have clear access.

Our movers are not responsible for damage caused by moving furniture through spaces with inadequate clearance or unsafe conditions.

Our standard delivery radius is within 10 kilometers of our shop located at 3826 Cadboro Bay Rd.   Please ask for pricing outside this zone.



Washing, removing and replacing your slipcovers

Aside from their relaxed, enticing look, one of the best features of slipcovers is their washability.  You can spot clean your slipcover but when it needs an overall refreshing, throw it in the washing machine.  Here are our instructions for washing your slipcover as well as the best way to take it off and put it back on.

Putting on a slipcover:

  • Find the back of the slipcover.
  • Position the front corners first, then the corner at the back without the zipper, then ease the back corner with the zipper fully on.
  • Make sure it is all in place at the correct height from the floor, with the corner seams lining up with the corners of the couch/chair and that the arm fronts are correctly positioned, flat and smooth.
  • Do up the zipper gently, pulling the sides together so as not to strain the zipper.
  • Check that the bottom edge is even.
  • Tuck all the loose fabric into the crevices around the seat and arms until smooth

Removing a slipcover:

  • Remember to untuck loose fabric from the inside creases first.
  • Undo the zipper
  • Ease off the zipper corner first to release tension

Washing a slipcover:

If the cover is washable, do so in cold water.

  • Make sure to do up all zippers and secure them closed with a safety pin so they don’t come open during washing
  • Take directly from the spin at the end and put on damp
  • Get it into place, as above except for tucking in.
  • Smooth out wrinkles with your hands while damp
  • After it is dry, tuck in.