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Murano Linen Tablecloth

Murano Linen Tablecloth

By Linen Way

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Inspired by the colors in Murano glass, this Collection features an exotic mix of colors - sea glass blue, olive, light purple and gold. The overall jacquard pattern adds depth and interest to this design. Made in one of the oldest mills in Europe.

Color: Sea Glass Gold with Purple & Olive Border

Size: 67 x 67", 67 x 98"

100% linen


Size Guide

The following are size suggestions to help guide you to the best tablecloth for your table.  You should always measure your table before you order a tablecloth.


Tablecloth LengthTable LengthTable Seating 
225cm / 230cm / 88.5" / 90.5" 6 ft table 6
275cm / 108" 7 ft table 8
325cm / 128" 8 ft table 10
375cm / 147" 10 ft table 12
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