"Leaves" Adama Rug, 2 colors

The "Leaves" design is available in two colors - Black and Mint.

Our vinyl flooring solutions are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms as well as shady outdoor areas such as terraces or gardens.

These vinyl rugs are made of a very durable material, are easy to clean and can protect floors from common wear and tear.


Water resistant
Easy to clean


Available in a range of round and rectangular sizes.  Custom sizes also available.

  • 23.62” x 31.49”
  • 23.62” x 47.24”
  • 23.62” x 94.48”
  • 66.92” x 94.48”
  • 78.74” x 118.11”
  • Ø 47.24”
  • Ø 70.86”

Made in USA

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