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Eco Co. Scented Diffuser

By Eco Candle Co.

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4 oz. of premium oil, 12 reed sticks and a pretty jar cleverly packaged in a recycled kraft box .   Put the reed sticks into the jar and allow them to soak up the fragrance and flip the sticks every few days to intensify the fragrance.


- Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil blends. 

- Low maintenance home fragrance that lasts up to 4 months! Just insert the natural reed sticks into the jar and flip the sticks occasionally to intensify the scent.

- Size: jar- 3" x 4.75", 12" long reed sticks, total package size 3" x 3" x 12.25"

Scent Descriptions:

ALOHA scent description: Bright hibiscus flowers, jasmine, rose and swaying palm trees.

BEACH HOUSE scent description: Fresh summer melons and crisp ocean air to remind you of those carefree days on the beach. *BEST SELLER

BOURBON VANILLA scent description: Rich bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood & cardamom.

CHAMOMILE SAGE scent description: Herbal sage with the soft and calming scent of chamomile flowers.

CITRUS SQUEEZE scent description: A bold citrus blend of sweet orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon and lime. *BEST SELLER

CLEAN SHEET DAY scent description: The smell of clean linens that were dried in a warm, summer breeze. *BEST SELLER

EUCALYPTUS SAGE scent description: Crisp eucalyptus leaves, sandalwood, rosemary and blue sage.

EUCALYPTUS MINT scent description: Herbal eucalyptus leaves with a cooling blend of spearmint and peppermint.

FIG & OAK scent description: Fresh figs, cranberry, leather & musk.

FIREWOOD scent description: The warm, cozy smell of a wood burning fireplace.

GARDENIA & GUAVA scent description: Gardenia blossoms, jasmine, guava fruit & tropical greens.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER scent description: The scent of fresh wedding bouquets being carried down the aisle.

HONEY MANGO scent description: Ripe mangoes, pure honey and a hint of papaya.

LAVENDER DREAMS scent description: Calming lavender perfectly blended with lilac, sage and mimosa. *BEST SELLER

LEMONGRASS SAGE scent description: Fresh lemongrass and sage straight from the herb garden. *BEST SELLER

LAVENDER LEMON scent description: A clean and inviting scent - a fresh blend of lavender and tangy lemons.

LOVELY scent description: A feminine blend of lavender and rosewood, with orchid, bergamot, cedarwood & musk. *BEST SELLER

OAKMOSS scent description: Light citrus and floral notes with a base of oakmoss, amber resin and patchouli. *NEW!*

PRECIOUS WOODS scent description: Smoked wood, nutmeg, musk & ylang blossoms.

STARFRUIT & CYPRESS scent description: A sweet and earthy combination of perfectly ripened starfruit and japanese cypress.

SPA DAY scent description: A fresh floral medley with musk, melon and sweet citrus dancing in the ocean breeze. *BEST SELLER

WARM VANILLA scent description: The perfect bakery vanilla - warm, creamy and rich.

VERBENA BASIL scent description: Summer lemons, verbena, basil & cedar leaf.

VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT scent description: Creamy vanilla with a surprising burst of pink grapefruit.

WEDDED BLISS scent description: Fresh strawberries and sparkling champagne, kissed with hints of lily of the valley and fresh apple cider.

WHITE TEA & GINGER scent description: An exotic blend of white tea, spices, citrus, jasmine and freshly cut ginger root. *BEST SELLER




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