Aroma Mist Room Spray

Having a pleasant, yet subtle, scent in the air can work wonders for your mood & energy levels - but it’s not always convenient to be burning a soy candle.  Aroma Mist Sprays are a quick, convenient and flame-free way to add some aroma to any space without compromising the air you breathe - Just shake and spritz! Unlike 95% of “air freshener” type products you’d find at the supermarket (full of nasty chemicals & ingredients you can’t pronounce) these are safe for the family and for the planet. No weird ingredients here, just purified water and natural essential oils. Aroma Mist Sprays are becoming a favorite new product for our long time customers - Choose from 6 different scents perfect for freshening up your most important spaces.


• Made in Canada • Weight: 244.9 g (8.6 oz)