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The Proper Way to Take Your Slipcover On and Off

Aside from the relaxed, welcoming look of slipcovers, one of their very best features is their washability.  If you get a stain on your slipcover, you can do a spot clean but when it needs an overall refreshing, just put it in the washing machine. 

 Here are our instructions for washing your slipcover as well as the best way to take it off and put it back on. 

Putting on a slipcover:

  • Find the back of the slipcover.
  • Position the front corners first, then the corner at the back without the zipper, then ease the back corner with the zipper fully on.                           
  • Make sure it is all in place at the correct height from the floor, with the corner seams lining up with the corners of the couch/chair and that the arm fronts are correctly positioned, flat and smooth.
  • Do up the zipper gently, pulling the sides together so as not to strain the zipper.
  • Check that the bottom edge is even.
  • Tuck all the loose fabric into the crevices around the seat and arms until smooth

Removing  a slipcover:

  • Remember to untuck loose fabric from the inside creases first.
  • Undo the zipper
  • Ease off the zipper corner first to release tension


Washing a slipcover: 

If the cover is washable, do so in cold water.

  • Make sure to do up all zippers and secure them closed with a safety pin so they don’t come open during washing
  • Take directly from the spin at the end and put on damp
  • Get it into place, as above except for tucking in.
  • Smooth out wrinkles with your hands while damp
  • After it is dry, tuck in.