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Slipcovered Furniture Moving Fees

Custom slipcovers fit beautifully because the original chair or sofa is present for precise measurements and fittings while the slipcovers are being made.   This requires movers to collect your furniture from your home and return it to you afterwards.  

Moving fees are not included in the slipcover quote because projects vary widely, from patio cushions to full sets of furniture.  
Our moving fees are calculated as follows:
$75 for furniture that can be carried by one mover in one round trip
(cushions, dining chairs, ottomans).
$150 for furniture that can be carried by two movers in one round trip
( two easy chairs, one sofa etc).
$300 for furniture that can be carried by two movers in two round trips.
(two sofas, sofa and large or multiple small chairs).
The interior of our delivery van is 84 inches long. 
Please note:
Movers may refuse collection/delivery if access is unsafe or likely to incur damage to people or property.  Extra charges may apply if furniture is not located on the main floor of the home or if other furniture must be moved to clear access.
Please advise us, in advance, of any special circumstances that may interfere with the straightforward carriage of your furniture. Occasionally, furniture placement or home renovations alter interior spaces so that proper angles no longer accommodate the movement of existing furniture.  Please measure your doors and hallways in advance to ensure movers have clear access. 
Our movers are not responsible for damage caused by moving furniture through spaces with inadequate clearance or unsafe conditions.
 Our standard delivery radius is within 10 kilometers of our shop located at 3826 Cadboro Bay Rd.   Please ask for pricing outside this zone.