Tried & True Hand Cream

Tried & True Hand Cream  

Enjoy the natural scents and tropical garden inspired design of Tried & True  

 Eucalyptus & Sage -  Invigorating scent blend of silver sage, rosemary and clove bud
 Gardenia Lily - Spring-fresh scent blend of gardenia, honeysuckle and dew-kissed leaves 
 Lavender Vanilla -  Calming scent blend of lavender, eucalyptus and vanilla 
 Pink Magnolia - Pink Magnolia, jasmine and amber
 Pink Peony -  Romantic floral scent blend of peony, violet and vanilla
 Sparkling Peach - Nectarine, peach and jasmine
 Sugar Blossom - Jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla flower
 Sunwashed Cotton - Fresh, clean scent blend of lavender, water lily and white jasmine
 Sweet Pea & Jasmine - Orchid, sweet pea and jasmine
 Vanilla Bean -  Spicy-sweet scent blend of whipped cream, tonka bean and vanilla
 Waterlily & Aloe - Lotus blossom, waterlily and aloe leaf
large 3.5 floz / 100mL
mini  1.4 floz/ 40ml

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