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The Classic Linen Shirt

June 28, 2017

The Classic Linen Shirt

Like the little black dress, the white linen shirt is a staple for any woman's wardrobe.  It's versatile, classic and perfect for hot weather because it's a natural fiber that breathes.  When summer arrives, I tend to wear linen every day because I love how it looks, wrinkles notwithstanding, and I love how it feels.  My closet is a testament to my love of white linen shirts, and my seeming inability to let other colors and fabrics vie for equal footing.  

Each spring, one of our linen suppliers debuts their new collection of linen clothing. Last year, it was a line of scoop-neck tunics in white and natural.  I was in heaven.  This year, their range expanded to incorporate soft pinks, mauves and blues in sleeveless and long sleeved varieties. The scoop neck gave way to Nehru and full collars.   Already struggling to maintain my strictly white regimen, clever customers challenged my imagination about how these beautiful pieces could be worn.  The spaghetti strap nighties became dresses and slips, and the tunics became nightwear.  And why not?  Surely the mantra has to be that you should wear whatever you love, however you like.

For those who aren't yet fans of linen clothing, I urge you to try on one of our tunics.  They are casual but elegant, pretty but still simple and of course, they are SO comfortable.   So, pop into our shop, walk past the woman in the white linen shirt and move toward the rack of pastel garments made of one of the world's earliest fabrics.  At least one of us can have a wardrobe blooming with spring color, perfectly prepared to enjoy this hot weather while it lasts.