Madison & Muse Custom Slipcovers

August 22, 2017

Madison & Muse Custom Slipcovers

Living on the west coast is an extraordinary lifestyle.  Our climate is temperate, we enjoy lovely summers and the access to the ocean offers a host of activities that prolong life and happiness.  I pinch myself when our day begins with a morning kayak overlooking beautiful Mount Baker.  

Coastal living is not only a widespread aspiration but also an enduring look in interior design. The upscale yet relaxed sophistication of the Hamptons look is replicated and adapted worldwide and one of its hallmarks is slipcovered furniture.  

Slipcovers can be transformative, taking tired or dated furniture and rejuvenating them with new fabric, often in light and airy colors, to create an updated, timeless look. Slipcovers, often synonymous with beach or lakeside living, say, "Don't worry about wet feet or sandy clothes, just relax and enjoy!"    They are more about easy living than upkeep and this philosophy becomes practical when furniture can be easily cleaned.  Made from pre-washed, heavy duty cotton or linen, slipcovers can be machine washed on cold and put back on your furniture to dry.  They make living with messy kids, pets and... dare we say it...guests, a breeze.

Although white or light colored fabrics are the signature look for the Hamptons style, slipcovers can also build on the look you already have. We've slipcovered furniture in a rainbow of colors and patterns, giving you the option to have two looks, one for winter and a different look for summer.

Our slipcovers are very different than the ready made slipcovers purchased in the big box stores.   Generic slipcovers have a great price point and are a quick fix but they may not fit your furniture particularly well.  Custom slipcovers are tailored and it is the tailoring that gives them their sophisticated aesthetic.  To have them fit perfectly, we use your furniture as the form, returning it to you renewed.  

The price of custom slipcovers depends on the fabric you choose, with cotton being less expensive than our European linen.  Both make beautiful slipcovers; both can be washed. The easiest way to get a quote for your project is to email photos of your furniture to   We'll ask some basic finishing questions (piping or topstitching,  skirt or no skirt, solid fabric or pattern) and then we'll send you a quote.

If you live nearby, pop in to see the slipcovered furniture on our shop floor.  It will inspire you to kick start your own rejuvenating makeover.  


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