Organic Jute Bags - A Fantastic Find

July 31, 2017

Organic Jute Bags - A Fantastic Find

Some vendors hate the trade shows.  The gift fair in Toronto boasts that it has over 500,000 products on display,  arranged in varying sized booths that stretch out over the course of many huge halls.  A few days at the trade shows gives the legs a pretty decent workout.    

Imagine my surprise, passing mega-booth after mega-booth, to turn a corner into the quaintest little cubby where a a gorgeous array of handmade organic jute bags was assembled on shelves and hooks.  Totes, messenger bags and backpacks lined the booth,  all of them jute, some trimmed with leather, some expandable, in a handful of colors.  

This company has no overseas factories, no assembly lines, just one creative, industrious Canadian woman (yay!) making these gorgeous bags one at a time to brilliant effect.  Jute is surprisingly lightweight making it less onerous to carry.  It has a very natural look, and a down-to-earth appeal.

Guadalupe's new designs for spring/summer '17  is a large sized tote with a wide leather band around the top.    This follows the asymmetrical leather flap messenger bag from the fall and the backpacks and jute expandables from last spring.  We're loving these bags and looking forward to her new collection this fall.  

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