More About Foutas

July 26, 2017

More About Foutas

The Belgian towel - A must-have for summer

My favorite product in our shop right now is Libeco's Belgian linen fouta.  I already blogged about them a couple of weeks ago but I can't stop there.

These foutas are big, beautiful and super versatile and at the time of writing, we'd only received the foutas in Ash Stripe.  Ash stripe is a languid mix of watery blue and camel stripes on an oyster background.  Essentially, it's sand and sea which feels right, considering where we live. 

Yesterday, more Libeco foutas arrived.  This time, our little shipment of wonder contained foutas in the colors of  Flax, Grey, Oyster Stripe and even a Santa Fe styled Desert fouta.   They are oversized and crazy beautiful and can be towels, throws or even wraps for those ultra luxurious among us.  

Come run your hands over the sateen finish.  They truly are sumptuous!