Libeco's Belgian Linen Fouta

July 03, 2017

Libeco's Belgian Linen  Fouta

I like to think that there are many lovely things in our shop. We aim to source products that are beautiful and exceptional quality but even with the bar set that high, sometimes items come in that still "wow" us.

At the moment, the new jewels in the store are Belgian linen foutas from Libeco.   There are very few things that Libeco makes that I don't love but this one is particularly special.  

Traditionally, a fouta is an extremely versatile, decorative piece of fabric, usually linen or cotton, originating from Tunisia and other Mediterranean countries.  The fouta can be used as a wrap, a throw, a coverlet, a tablecloth, etc. which is where its versatility comes in.

Libeco took this beautiful piece of fabric to another level by mixing a greys, white and tans together and adding a fringe and a sateen finish.  It has a gorgeous, yet relaxed look and an exquisitely soft feel. 

The throw is ample and,  happily, Libeco also made a smaller version for use as a guest towel.  Linen never ceases to inspire.