On Linens and Life: Linen's Cinderella Story

October 30, 2013

Linen is found in every corner of our home.  It hangs by a hook next to the sink, intended to dry hands post-washing, though truth be told, my children often skip the washing part. There are colorful, rumpled placemats that mark out each person's territory at the kitchen table and pretty linen cushion covers on an over-sized couch that practically beg us to curl up there. Linen sheets have a permanent place on our clothesline each weekend and white linen shirts have been an essential part of my civvies and finery for as long as I remember.  If linen can survive in our household, quite the textile litmus test, I feel confident in declaring it hard-wearing.

And yet, there's a table in the dining room that can't be done up for a formal affair without a crisp white linen tablecloth flowing off its edges.  Done up with candles, crystal and china, there is hardly anything more elegant. It's such a stalwart classic that I find it impossible to imagine the president eating off gingham or the queen doing polyester.  

Speaking of royalty, linen is a little like Cinderella.  It endures its trials and tribulations all day and still manages to look fabulous at night. How can we be blamed for looking for more and more ways to use it in our homes?

On that note, I hope you'll enjoy the following article by Lee Anne Culpepper who, happily,  has found eight more ways to enjoy this beautiful fabric.


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