What’s so special about triple milled soap?

July 10, 2017

Triple milled soap, also called French milled, is soap which has been manufactured in a process that was invented by French soap makers in the eighteenth century.   A soap base (a fat or oil combined with an alkali salt) undergoes a chemical reaction called saponification that results in a soap which will then be passed through high pressure steel rollers at least three times.  Essential oils and natural color can be added during this time. The triple milling process of shredding and rolling the soap ensures a uniform consistency  and produces a dense product that is creamier and more luxurious than other soap.  The milling process removes water so the soap lathers better and lasts longer. Many people find the smoothness of the final product to be aesthetically preferable to the more rustic look of cold-pressed soaps.

One of our favourite triple milled soaps is L’Epi de Provence, a pure vegetable soap with shea butter.  It is handcrafted in Provence, France and we carry fourteen sigh-inducing fragrances including.  Our customer favorites are Linden, Lychee Rose and Ocean.