The Art of Presentation

July 18, 2015

Eschewing the local Starbucks, I recently met a group of friends seaside for coffee.  The scenery was spectacular but on the large rocks, it required some effort to find a spot where you could sit comfortably without rolling into the ocean.  Each of us had brought a snack to share and it was at this moment that I was reminded of the art of presentation.  One friend pulled out four corduroy seat cushions to share. Her cheese was wrapped in tactile brown paper tied with rough string, the cheese knives were unrolled from a leather satchel and the wine (who needs coffee?) was drawn from a tall carrying case that also stored small glasses.   Instant upscale picnic.

For some people, their use of beautiful things is not an affectation, an elaborate put-on as a means to show off, they are simply aesthetically gifted.  In the same way that Average Joe combs his hair in the morning instead of going out with bedhead, the A.G. person has a higher bar for the concept of "presentable."   There is nothing in the above description to suggest that the wine was rare or the cheese expensive. This was no rarefied Harrods Hamper but it was thoughtfully organized and artfully presented. 

Whenever I meet someone like this friend, it ups my game. I am reminded to appreciate the beauty and order in everything, especially the little things.