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Two Duvets for One Bed

July 04, 2015

I wrote recently about my desire to exchange our king-sized bed for two doubles.  As unromantic as it sounds, I take my sleep quality seriously.  I like my bedding to form a little cocoon around me: no tug of wars, no popsicle feet (actually, those are mine...) and no elbows to the head in the middle of my Liam Neeson dream.  Short of the separate beds scenario, another option hails from Europe.  It's the two duvets/one bed alternative.

Apparently, two twin-sized duvets are folded in half lengthwise and laid side by side on a queen bed. A coverlet can be laid over top to give it a unified look.  While I can see the sleeping advantages, the aesthetics are a little troubling.  It conjures up images of bumpy bedding that sags in the middle.  Would a big crease down the center of the bed not beg the question, "Why not just have two twin beds?" 

And we're back to square one.  I have to say there appears to be an undeserved stigma on the twin beds option.  Are relationships assumed to fail because people sleep in separate beds or do people sleep in separate beds because their relationships failed?   I will leave that eternal question to the sages.  

I was once treated to a house tour where, upon reaching the master bedroom, I saw two queen sized beds pushed together.  The new owners noted the quizzical looks and explained that the unconventional arrangement was entitled "The Marriage Saver 2000."   Amen.