Get Your Guest Room Ready!

November 18, 2014

There's just over a month until Christmas.  Despite the fact that it appears in stores months in advance, the holiday always manages to sneak up on us.  This year, don't wait until the relatives are on your doorstep to start thinking about creating an inviting guest room.  

The foundation of a good guest room is inviting bedding.  Ironed or naturally wrinkled, linen sheets are luxurious and are a great place to start.  Layering is key because each person has his or her own unique requirements for a good night's sleep which often have to do with how warm or cool a person likes to be as well as the weight of bedding on top of them. For some, a light blanket is perfect.  For others, nothing less than a cocoon makes them feel properly wrapped against the night's chill.  Instead of giving them a sleeping bag...I like to keep a big duvet at the bottom of the bed, just in case.

But don't stop at bedding.  A well-appointed guest room reflects the hospitality of the host and recognizes that guests aren't necessarily on the same schedule as the family they're visiting.   A "refreshments basket" is the epitome of the considerate host and is comprised of a collection of drinks (bottled water, juice or pop) and a variety of non-perishable snacks like nuts, granola bars, and, of course, chocolate.  

Other thoughtful amenities include an eye mask for darkening the room, ear plugs to shut out early morning noise, a bedside clock, brochures of local highlights, a good book and a personal set of towels.  Making the guest room luxurious and serene allows (even encourages) your guest to have some "away time" which, ironically, plays an important role in being a good guest.