A Chef's Delight

November 21, 2014

With Christmas coming, I've started to think about the chef in my family.  I'm putting a lot of thought into this gift because one unfortunate Christmas, I thought that a toaster would be a good gift.  It wasn't. Now, whenever someone wants to reference a horrible idea, that spectre of  that immortal toaster resurfaces. In my own defense, it was really a very nice toaster.  Nevertheless, despite its practicality, it missed its mark.

This year, my kitchen gift balances practicality with good looks: an apron.  But not just any apron, a high end linen one.  I  chose from  full aprons and halves; from classic baker's white to a myriad of colorful ones and ended up settling for the Moulin.  It's full-size, is colorful in a subdued, muted way and has a distinctly French flavor - just like the one for whom it is intended.

I  can't tell you which apron would suit the culinary genius in your family but I can say, "Stay away from toasters!"