The Versatile Table Runner

September 03, 2014


                   Libeco's Fjord Table runner in Flax 


In my grandmother's day, a crisp white tablecloth was to the Thanksgiving dinner as knickers were to one's Sunday best :  an essential part of the whole ensemble, albeit not the main attraction.  But what about our options for every day?

One choice is to use placemats.  They provide protection between plate and table against scratches, water or heat marks, and stains.  Placemats are ideal for breakfast, when the entirety of the meal is often contained in one bowl or plate, as the the center of the table remains bare.  Informal and cozy, multiple placemats do run the risk of making a table appear overly busy. 

Another option, my personal favorite, is the table runner.  In the past, table runners ran the length of the table, straight down the middle for centerpiece and serving dishes. In a modern twist, table runners span the width of a table (see photo above), providing protection for two seats at the table as well as covering the center where a serving dish would normally be placed.   As the linen hangs over the edge, table runners have the flow of a tablecloth but offer the added perk of allowing the patina of the wood surface to remain visible in places.  They can be dressed up or down, according to the kind of linen and the color one chooses.

The photo above features Libeco's Fjord linen, a delightfully diaphanous linen offered in natural Flax as well as an ethereal Watermelon, among others.  We also have table runners in classic Vence.   With 16 color choices, you'll find a Vence to suit your decor.  And new this year, we have two designs from Libeco's Gypsy Moth collection, the Serengeti and the Kalahari table runners.  Both are versions of a natural stripe or stripes on a white background.  Serene, refined and beautiful, I'm betting these table runners would give your classic white tablecloth a run for its money.