A Love of Whiteware

September 02, 2014

There are hundreds and hundreds of china patterns out there.  Some are highly ornate, some are more restrained. When we lived in London, we visited Harrods for their annual sale and among all the choices, I was inexplicably drawn to the simplest - Wedgwood Plato.  It's white with...well, just white, actually.  No additional color, no pattern, no embellishment of any sort - just the pure simplicity of the shapes themselves.   Wedgewood describes it as "very up-to-the-minute take on traditional tableware."    

Is that why I bought it?  Not really, I just like white.  Stacks and stacks of it, in fact.  I love the look of a sideboard laden with dinner plates, side plates and bowls.  It seems to me to be a very welcoming kind of kitchen where the sudden arrival of a guest is never more than we were prepared or hoping for.  

Of course, there is always the issue of how easy it is to set a nice table for different occasions. White goes with everything.  It can be formal or informal.  Pair it with a colorful tablecloth for a child's birthday,  a classic white or dove grey linen tablecloth for the Thanksgiving spread or with simple runners  for everyday.  Having a stack of linen tablecloths in various colors is so much cheaper than owning stacks of china in different patterns!

Finally, whiteware appeals to me because of its "restaurant-chic."   If only it came with its own professional chef.  Just hoping.