On Linens and Life: French Country Accessories

March 03, 2014

French Country Living
Love French Country Design? Feel like being inspired?  We've just discovered the "French Country Decor Guide", a website full of lovely photos, style history and informative articles all about French Country design. Gardening, recipes, resources and guides to achieve the look, the site aspires to capture "the spirit of French style".
We've included an excerpt below:
                      ~A few examples of typical decor accessories you would find in the French country home ~
  • Very large, attractive glass or stoneware jars and urns are particularly popular, including traditional containers used to store olive oil. You will find them next to the stairs, by the door, in a corner, placed on top of cupboards, in bookcases, or under tables. They are also not limited to indoors and can be found in the garden or on the patio.
  • Stacked baskets of varous sizes and wire containers holding various household items are common French Country Accents.
  • Pretty jugs and pitchers are not only used to hold liquid and can be found in every room. Grouped according to shape or color they make a display all on their own. Most often they are filled with garden flowers, placed on tables, a buffet or bureau.
  • Mantelpieces and tables display groups of large and small candlesticks and antique lanterns.
  • Walls are decorated with mirrors, simple or ornate, the bigger the better, to reflect the outside light into the room.
  • Ornate wirework bird cages, either standing or hanging are either empty or filled with greenery.
  • Armoires not only display faience and creamware, but books and various collections of household items, even old fabrics, stacked according to pattern and color.
  • Shelves hold collections of glazed earthenware, oil lamps, coffee and tea pot collections as well as beautifully cut glassware, cloches and vases.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.