On Linens and Life: Do European Bed Linens Fit North American Beds?

March 03, 2014

Classic White Bed Linen Collection

A question we've been asked many times is whether the linens we import from European countries will fit North American beds.  It's a very good question since bed sizes differ greatly depending on where you live.  

Bed sizes in the U.K and Ireland are different from continental Europe which, in turn,  differ from North America. The last thing you'd want after investing in a sumptuous linen bedding set is to have it pull at the corners or fall untidily onto the floor.  What good is linen's ability to last generations if it sits unused in the linen cupboard?

The good news is that yes, our linens fit North American beds beautifully.  We can vouch for this with certainty because the line was commissioned by us with North American sizing in mind.  Further, after some wonderful test sessions, we can also vouch for the fact that the linen looks beautiful, feels luxurious, washes well and fits our extra deep mattresses with ease. 

For more information on bed sizes and washing instructions, be sure to check out our sizing guides and care pages to ensure your new linens stay beautiful for many, many years to come.