On Linens and Life: Location, Location, Location

February 18, 2014

The mantra in real estate is "location, location, location" and it is generally taken to mean that identical houses can have very different values depending on the desirability of their respective communities. This may very well be but when we were shopping for our own home, my mantra was storage, storage, storage. A house with plenty of closet, attic and basement space allows possessions to be protected from accidental damage, easily located and leaves the rest of the house free from unnecessary clutter. Having said that, there remain areas in our home that are apparently magnetic to junk - papers, clothing and toys.

Houzz, the Utopia of virtual domiciles, feature stream-lined bookcases with the perfect proportion of books, objets d'arts and storage. And when I say storage, I don't refer to a mishmash collection of containers accumulated haphazardly over time. Open baskets of uniform style and/or color line the shelves, allowing a host of knickknacks to be accessible, logically organized and yet hidden from sight. This immensely appealing solution allows one's conglomeration of collectibles to disappear from hallways and corners.

With this goal in mind, we're delighted to add a collection of linen baskets to our line and, despite my obvious bias, I think they're wonderful. Having already found a place in our home, the large white ones have been filled with bath products, bringing together an assortment of bottles and jars into one rather pretty, spa like collection. The small baskets are on the foyer sideboard, the perfect spot for keys, wallets and mail. The natural "flax" colored baskets have found a home on our dining table holding serviettes and the ones with blue and red stripes have become a repository for toys.

That's just what happened in our house. Who knows what you'll put in yours.