On Linens and Life: A Higher Standard for Organic

February 07, 2014

Libeco's Heritage Collection - Summer 2014


One of the reasons we love linen is because of its purity.  A natural fiber that only needs the sun and rain to grow, it's a great ecological choice. The "no fertilizers, pesticides or petrochemicals" claim becomes pretty important when your head rests upon your pillow for seven or eight hours every night, breathing in whatever that fabric is made of.   

But can we ask for "more organic" than that?  The answer, apparently, is yes.  Already offering a beautiful selection of high quality, natural linen, Libeco's  summer 2014 collection introduces "Heritage," a special brand unique because of its production methods.   Working towards a more sustainable future, this collection is aptly named for its goal of leaving a more promising heritage for generations to come. 

Certified by GOTS,  Heritage is produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.   For more information on the GOTS label, check out http://www.global-standard.org/.

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Sleep well!