Are linen sheets too good for kids?

May 27, 2015

The question seems absurd. Nothing is too good for our children. After all, don't we go to the ends of the Earth to ensure that they have a stimulating, happy, healthy childhood? The car odometer, the Visa bill and the nightly collapse into bed seemed to testify to the former.   For all that, we still draw lines in the sand around our "stuff."  The china is for special occasions, the sofa has a throw over it and the pure linen sheets are reserved for grown ups. 

* photo courtesy of The Linen Works

How did that consensus come about?  Admittedly, good quality linen is more expensive than cotton or polyester but as it lasts considerably longer, that wouldn't seem to be the issue.  Durability?  Nowadays, most people launder their linen bedding in the washing machine and forego ironing. 

It may be the correlation of linen with luxury that keeps it out of children's bedrooms.  Despite its high end image, linen is the perfect fabric for a child's bed because it's extremely durable for stain removal as well as being natural; it hasn't been made with chemicals and pesticides.  That\s a good thing when your little one has his or her face buried in the pillow for ten hours a day!  

Simplicity is best and with a twin sized fitted sheet and duvet cover, the bed is so easy to make - even a child could do it!