On Linens and Life: Is Grey the New White?

November 22, 2013

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint


Revere Pewter- Benjamin Moore


I've noticed that people rarely wax poetic about the color grey.  It seems abysmal, correlated with bad weather that rains on one's parade.  I once repainted a room in what I thought was a rather subdued, elegant color and a friend of my partner pronounced it "Battleship Grey."  It didn't seem to be a compliment.  Paris catwalks are not overcrowded with models wearing battleship couture.  People have been described as being blue with melancholy, green with envy, red with anger, white with fear but poor, neglected grey doesn't even register. 

Perhaps that's changing. Benjamin Moore's paint color "Revere Pewter"  (shown above) has been called the best color EVER.   That's quite the assertion, since there are an infinite number of colors.  Though I haven't replicated my painting experiment again, I did make a most unexpected discovery at the dining table.   I've always been a die-hard white tablecloth kind of gal.  I think the crisp white looks pure and, against white china, uncluttered.  I'll try something colorful informally but the table always wear white for formal events. 

Then, at our last family celebration, I pulled out the tried-and-true minutes before it was needed and found a series of mysterious green spots on it, suggesting E.T. had met an untimely end in our dining room.  No time to grieve, I suspended disbelief and laid the table with a...grey... tablecloth.   Add china, crystal and accessories and, dear reader, I was stunned. On the dining table, grey turns out to be an understated but definitively elegant alternative to white.  

I've become a convert.  This is evident in the fact that the great room, in which our dining table is the center piece, has had a sudden influx of blue-grey items.  Against light furnishings, our house has acquired a rather beachy feel.  The area rugs have been switched around to accommodate this change and I've developed a roving eye for other accessories to pick up that theme.  

Hmm, I might even stop by Benjamin Moore...